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Star Count Results out now

Star count 2023. Also forthcoming policy on light pollution is likely. The Lords Science and Tech committee has a current inquiry on light and noise pollution and health: The effects of artificial light and noise on human health - Committees - UK Parliament

Published: May 7, 2023

The results are in for this year’s Star Count with a total of almost 4,000 counts!

The data shows that, unfortunately, light pollution is obscuring views of the night sky for the majority of people. This was a truly nationwide count with results submitted from all over the UK.

The headlines:

  • 75% counted stars in areas with the worst three categories of light pollution.
  • 51% counted ten stars or fewer, indicating severe light pollution.
  • Just 5% counted more than 30 stars, indicating truly dark skies.

    Look at the CPRE website to see how Georgeham Parish compares with the rest of the UK

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