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Find the locations of defibrillators around Georgeham

In an emergency, ring 999

It’s best to make clear that the general rule should be to ring 999 first and foremost: the map is just as a reminder to where the defibrillators are!
In a cardiac arrest scenario the national advice is to ring 999 first.

All available 24 hours a day. (no code required)

Croyde Locations

  1. Downend Car Park – Public Conveniences, Track to Heather Down, Croyde EX33 1QE
  2. Unison Croyde Bay Holiday Resort, Croyde Road, Croyde, EX33 1QB
  3. Off Shore, Beach Road, Croyde EX33 1NZ
  4. Sandleigh Tea Rooms, Moor Lane, Croyde EX33 1PA
  5. Ruda Holiday Park, Moor Lane, Croyde, EX33 1NY
  6. Croyde Village Hall, Jones’s Hill, Croyde, EX33 ILY
  7. Manor House Inn, 39 St Marys Road, Croyde EX33 1PG

Georgeham & Putsborough Locations

  1. Georgeham Stores & Post Office, Chapel Street, Georgeham EX33 1JJ
  2. Putsborough Sands Ltd, Putsborough Beach, Putsborough EX33 1LD


Suggest a location

If you have a suggestion for locating a new defibrillator, please get in touch.


This map is the result of multiple Parish Councils working together to add the locations of Defibrillator units local to their area. In case of emergency contact your local healthcare unit.

Defibrillator Map

Locations of defibrillators

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